Does Smoking Affect Your Chances Of Conceiving?

If you are a smoker and wondering does smoking affect your chances of conceiving? The answer is Yes!
Smoking is a major public health concern and not only does smokers face an increase risk of lung cancer and other disorder, trying to get pregnant and smoking during pregnancy has been given lots of publicity but smokers still carry on despite all the warnings.

How Does Smoking Affect Your Chances Of Conceiving?

Research has found that smoking not only increases the risk of early menopause in women but also speeds up the rate at which a woman’s eggs become useless. Chances of getting pregnant drop by as much as 40 percent when compared to non-smokers.
And not only that, women smokers also take longer to conceive and natural conception become more difficult.

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The chances of giving birth to a low-birth weight baby is also higher.

Smoking before and after you have conceive also increase miscarriage rates because smoking add to the chance for a fertilised egg to have chromosomal abnormalities.

However the subject of does smoking affect your chances of conceiving can be considered unfair since it takes two to make a baby.


With this being said, it’s not only the woman’s responsibility but the man’s health and lifestyle has a part to play too.
Low sperm count is linked to smoking together with low sperm mobility and sperm with damaged DNA, a combination of these 3 problems will reduce the quality of sperm and are known to cause fertility issues.


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So if you are planning to conceive, it would be good if you can share that little piece of info with your partner if he happens to be a smoker, remind him that he has a part to play too!
It would be a good idea to start quitting a few months before trying to get pregnant to reap the full benefit.

And if you are pregnant and still haven’t quit the smoking habit. Cigarette smoke contains thousands of  chemicals and as a general rule of thumb for pregnancy, if you eat it, drink it or breath it, it goes directly into your baby’s bloodstream through the umblical cord and placenta. Some of those toxins are very dangerous to the development of your baby at the most critical stages of development inside your womb.

The long-term harmful effects of those chemical in the cigarette smoke will stay with your child through out his or her life. Higher probability of developing health problems such as asthma and congenital heart defects, behavioral and learning disabilities have been associated with this too because of slow down in growth development.
Being a passive smoker can just be as bad too so if possible, so stay away be all means.

So Does Smoking Affect Your Chances Of Conceiving?

Based on the facts above, it certainly does affect your chances of conceiving and after conceiving too.

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