Sexual Position To Conceive A Girl – Myth or Fact?

Does the use of certain sexual position to conceive a girl really work? Can you believe that there are certain sexual position will result in you have a greater chance of conceiving a girl!

Apparently, the position which you have sexual intercourse and whether the woman reaches orgasm or not can actually affect the outcome of your baby’s gender! This is not some myth but studies have been done and it all boils down to the characteristics of the sperm that is going to fertilize the egg.

The outcome of your baby’s gender is determined by either the X or Y chromosome sperm that gets to fertilise the egg.
To increase the possibility of having a baby girl, you will have to make life difficult for the Y chromosome sperm to reach the egg but sometimes things are easier said than done but not impossible. The Y chromosome sperm has a short life span, but faster swimmer so in order for it not to reach the egg first, you will have to adopt a sexual position that allows for shallow penetration.

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Which Sexual Position To Conceive A Girl Works Best?

Sexual positions that allows shallow penetration include missionary, spooning and positions such as the lotus where couples wrap their legs around each other while sitting up. In these positions, when the man ejaculates, the sperm lands further away from the cervix thus giving the slower swimming X chromosome sperm a better chance of reaching the egg.

Another thing to take into consideration is when she comes to orgasm. This is because when a woman reaches the big O, the PH level inside the vagina actually changes due to secretion. Before the woman reaches orgasm, the environment inside the vagina and around the cervix is acidic which is considered a perfect condition for the X chromosome sperm.

However, when the woman reaches orgasm, the environment changes from acidic to alkaline which favors the Y chromosome sperm. As you can see, it’s recommended that the woman doesn’t reaches orgasm first when trying to conceive a girl but as mentioned earlier, whether or not the woman reaches orgasm first is something that is going to take some practice for some. However in most cases, I believe getting the man to ejaculate first before the woman reaches orgasm is not that big an issue.


Does Adopting Certain Sexual position To Conceive A Girl Really Work?

So is this it? Well, this is just some of the information that can help increase the chances when trying to conceive a girl and not a 100% foolproof method or any other method for the matter. Besides sexual position, you also have to look into the timing of when you have intercourse and also the food that you eat. Remember to always have fun while trying to conceive and not be overly preoccupied by the outcome of your baby’s gender. The most important end result must always be clear whether you are trying to conceive a girl or boy, is to have a healthy happy baby.


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