Sexual Position To Conceive A Boy – Believable?

Sexual position to conceive a boy is the opposite of those positions that will help increase your chances of conceiving a girl. You could be laughing at this because you must be thinking is this myth or fact or is someone trying to pull your leg.

It all boils to science and not myth based on studies done. This may or may not sound ridiculous to you but here goes. Your baby’s gender is determined by the sperm that wins the race and fertilizes the egg. Introducing the X chromosome sperm and the Y chromosome sperm. The focus will be on the Y chromosome sperm because it will result in you having a baby boy if it wins the race.

The Y chromosome sperm is a fast swimmer but doesn’t have the stamina to last the distance so you have to make sure it gets deposited as deeply as possible in order to make it a shorter swim to accomplish its job before it runs out of steam.


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Which Sexual position To Conceive A Boy

Sexual position that allows deeper penetration is the key.
The aim is to have the sperm ejaculated as close to the neck of the cervix as possible thus shortening the amount of time that is required by the sperm to reach its target. For this to happen, sexual position that allows deeper penetration is the key.

Positions that has the woman on top such as reverse cowgirl and other variations of it are just some of the positions. Basically in these positions, it allows the woman to control how deeply she wants to go down on her man. Of course there are other positions with the man in control that also allows deeper penetration such as doggie style and others.

Besides penetration, believe it or not, the other factor that helps increase your likelihood of conceiving a boy or girl has to do with woman orgasm too. Why is it so, because during orgasm, the ph level of the vagina actually changes turning from acidic to alkaline which is a favorable condition for the Y chromosome sperm. Don’t forget that timing your intercourse can also have an effect on the gender of your baby too.


Does Adopting Certain Sexual Position To Conceive A Boy Really Work?

So are you really going to use those sexual positions to conceive a boy all through out your love making and always having those subconscious thoughts at the back of your mind all the while? If you were to follow the guide above, it calls for the man to ejaculate deeply after the woman has reach the Big O which at times can prove difficult since I don’t think many of you is going to let all these thoughts bother you during the heat of your passionate love making.

Remember, besides sexual position, there are also other factors to take into consideration that could affect the likelihood of the outcome of your baby’s gender. For the whole works, please visit the plan my baby site.
Whatever the outcome of your baby’s gender may be, the most important thing is to have fun and since you are already planning to have a baby, whether it’s a boy or girl, you should welcome the new addition to your family and love your baby unconditionally.

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